The Ascent

A Hyper-Reality Horror Experience with incredible haptic immersion over a 10x10m vibrating floor
Services: Virtual Reality, Game Development
When: Summer 2019
Immersive Elements: Haptic Flooring & Vests, Wind Effects
Substance Suite

The Brief

We were approached by a Republic of Ireland venue to produce a hyper-reality action/horror experience exclusively for their arcade - 5 levels of shared space virtual reality using the cutting edge in immersive technology. How could we resist?

The Narrative

Set on the 6th moon of Jupiter, Europa, your team must investigate the recent cease in communication with a research facility buried deep under the surface of the moon. However nothing could have prepared you for what you found. Your only escape is to ascend from the depth's of the facility and fight your way to safety.


Players must work together as they fight off hordes of nightmare inducing creatures and horrifying bosses, equipped with a powerful multi-function rifle and medical field drones placed strategically around the playspace. Every attack received is felt through the haptic vests, and every crash, rumble and roar is felt through their feet thanks to a custom direction-aware haptic flooring solution driven by the gold-standard in surface haptics, Buttkicker.

Powerful Partnerships

To accomplish this project, we utilised our strong relationships with a number of fantastic partners:

MLEC (UK) provided their professional audio expertise to help devise an appropriate setup for the Buttkicker-powered haptic flooring solution

SystemActive, our HP partner, provided a set of fantastic HP Z VR 1st Generation backpack computers, allowing for untethered freeroam across all 100m2

bHaptics provided a fantastic on-body haptic solution, allowing you to feel where attacks are coming from

The Launch

Since the launch of The Ascent, the venue has had droves of customers flock to them all eager try the latest in immersive virtual reality technology. Every customer has come away with a smile on their face after playing through the experience - even those who didn't make it to the end!

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