Hello, we're Fennec Labs

We'll help you to enhance your brand or turn your idea into a mindblowing virtual or augmented reality experience. Our team of experienced professionals have backgrounds in game and applications development, modelling and visual effects - gearing us up to create interactive, beautiful and totally immersive VR and AR experiences.

We Create Universes

Using the latest in VR and AR technlogy we produce incredible experiences to tell stories, sell your brand, train your employees, educate the world, improve your business's efficiency and more.

Virtual Reality

Our bread and butter, virtual reality is the cornerstone of our studio. Covering SteamVR, Oculus, Windows Mixed Reality and many other platforms.

Augmented Reality

Using the likes of Hololens, Meta 2, ARKit and ARCore, Augmented Reality can improve efficiency and wow your customers

Game Development

Our roots. Our passion for development stems from our love for video games

Motion Tracking Solutions

Immerse your customers in massive, free-roaming environments using the latest tracking technology from Qualisys, StarTracker & SteamVR Lighthouse

VR Venue Services

We've worked with many an arcade and know their needs inside and out. Let us help you develop your business with a unique, one-of-a-kind experience

Management Systems

Scaleable cloud-based and on-site systems to power your immersive experiences. Our expertise comes from our background in web and software development


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