The VR industry's most popular VR arcade management platform
Client: SpringboardVR
Project: Arcade Management Platform
Services: Virtual Reality, Management Systems
When: Feb - Sep 2017
Website: springboardvr.com
Circlebox Creative (UI/UX)
Luke Southern (Concept Artist)
3ds Max
Substance Suite

The Brief

When entering a very new, untested market bringing on a full-time engineering team is risky. And for SpringboardVR that's where we came in. Springboard wanted to create the world's best VR Arcade Management and Commercial Licensing Platform and with our help that's exactly what they did.

The Solution

In cooperation with our design partners at Circlebox Creative we created a powerful web-based management panel and an easy to use station monitoring interface allowing VR arcades to have full control over their entire operation all from one screen.

We also created a stunning, futuristic desert scene for the game selection environment - giving arcade customers a breathtaking immersive experience from the moment they put on the headset

The Aftermath

After the launch of SpringboardVR in Q2 2017, we stayed with them till September to build upon the foundations we produced for the initial product. Our lead programmer (and owner) Ben oversaw the growth of their development team and lead the charge on a number of breakthrough improvements over the following months.

In September we parted ways, leaving them in the capable hands of the team we helped handpick and onboard. Some may call that shooting yourself in the foot - but we understand that in order to be sustainable, eventually you need to build up your own team of full-time engineers.