Holographic Logistics Park Concept

Holographic Demonstration for GLP @ Intermodal South America 2018
Client: Retumbante
Project: Holographic Viewer for Global Logistics Properties
Services: Augmented Reality, Hololens
When: March 2018

The Brief

For the March 2018 Intermodal South America exhibition, the content studio Retumbante approached us too develop a Holographic concept of a logistics park ("GLP Duque de Caxias") for their client - Global Logistics Properties (GLP). Using the CAD renderings that had already been designed we needed to create a multi-user Hololens app that would allow visitors of GLP's tradeshow booth to move, scale and rotate the park layout as well as zoom into and remove the walls/roof on one of the warehouses to get a better look inside.

The Solution

Using Vuforia's Image Targeting to provide a common point between devices and to ensure that the viewer would always start the model on the table we were able to create a simple to use holographic viewer that allows one user (the host) to move, scale and rotate the models. Complimentary to this, a second Hololens user can join the session and view the model but with limited rights - for instance, they cannot move the model but can still rotate it and zoom in on one of the buildings.

A number of hotspots icons can be found dotted around the park, which when looked at and air-tapped (the Hololens version of clicking a mouse) display information relevant to the hotspot's location. By air-tapping on one of the warehouses, it becomes the focus of the session and the main park map fades out of sight. This allows for an up-close look at what's inside as the walls as the roof explodes out and fades away revealing the internal floor-plan of the building.

The Result

The Holographic demonstration of GLP Duque de Caxias was a huge hit at Intermodal South America 2018, which took place between the 13th and 15th of March. We weren't there in person, but our clients tell us that there were long queues out of the exhibit stand to try out the demonstration!

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