MIRROR - The Prequel

A 4D, Immersive Horror Experience
Client: Dark Realities
Project: MIRROR: The Prequel
Services: Virtual Reality, Concept Design
When: April 2018
3ds Max
Substance Suite

The Brief

Dark Realities is set to be one of the world's largest free-roaming VR horror experiences, and we have the incredible task of bringing it to life. This all starts with MIRROR - The Prequel, an introduction to the MIRROR universe. The story of MIRROR revolves around the brutal murders that took place in an apartment building 14 years ago, and The Prequel puts you back in time to the moments after the murders as the first detectives on the scene.

The Concepts

As part of a marketing campaign, Dark Realities needed some concept shots of the environments people would find themselves immersed in during the experience. We created two scenes - one in the foyer of the apartment building and another of the floor where the murders took place.