Immersive Experience Tech Demo

A demonstration of the technology behind Dark Realities, the one of a kind 4D horror experience
Client: Dark Realities
Project: Immersive Horror Technical Demonstration
Services: Virtual Reality, Game Development
When: April 2018
3ds Max
Substance Suite
Leap Motion

The Brief

The Dark Realities technical demonstration was a 1-day event held on the 25th of April in the heart Birmginham City Centre. We were tasked with bringing together an array of cutting edge tech to create an immersive experience to not only terrify the attendees but also show off the technology that would be used for the main experience opening in October.

The Tech

We worked closely with a number of fantastic hardware and software partners for this project; including StarTracker to provide scaleable tracking over a large area and Ultrahaptics to provide a haptic feedback set-piece in the form of a ghostly orb.

The Event

Over 2 days we worked on-site with the Dark Realities team to prepare for the event, which included 4D effects such as air compressors, heat lamps and even the smell of lava! On the day people from all over the United Kingdom visited to see the technology behind this one-of-a-kind experience, and many left shaken with fright - including the BBC's own David Gregory-Kumar...

As seen on the BBC

On the day of the event, the BBC's own David Gregory-Kumar was there to experience Dark Realities first-hand.