As a NVIDIA CloudXR Early Access Partner, we're redefining arenascale VR to make it more accessible, maintainable and affordable

We're making waves, not ripples

Arenascale VR's biggest hurdle has always been the wire, and the solution for that is wearing a PC on your back. Don't want the PC? Then you're limited to experiences that can't push VR to its limits as they're limited by the headset's power. Let's fix that.

Imagine this: instead of people running around with the computers on their backs, those computers were in a rack, on your premises, streaming wirelessly to headsets with ultra-low latency and visual fidelity better than any standalone headset can provide. Can you picture it? We can.

Project Nimbus is Coming Soon.

Use an on-site "microcloud" for your VR installation and Nimbus will completely alter how you engage with VR content

Enterprise-Grade Wireless VR

All of the pros of standalone VR, none of the cons. High-quality visuals streamed directly from powerful NVIDIA RTX-enabled rackmount PCs. Get the highest quality VR on a standalone HMD with extended battery life, lightweight ergonimics and easy setup

Keep an eye on things

Centrally monitor and manage your Nimbus Microcloud from anywhere on your network: keep an eye on hardware performance, battery life, tracking quality and experience status from one easily accessible web page

The best bits Desktop VR

Use the best parts of Desktop VR, but with a standalone HMD. Whether it's Leap Motion Hand Tracking or our Pharos warehouse scale tracking platform for largescale, low-latency tracking - it's running on a Windows desktop so there's no compatability issues to worry about!


Project Nimbus is in active development, but if you'd like to talk about how our CloudXR developments could benefit your business, get in touch and our team will be more than happy to chat with you