Augmented Reality

Augmenting the world, one hologram at a time

Bring one world into another

AR has changed the landscape of education, marketing, training and all manner of other industries. Once relegated to Kinect-powered fitting room experiences and enterprise-grade headsets, now you can interact with immersive AR experiences through the phone in your pocke. Whether you're walking around your town catching fantastical creatures, or teaching children about history through engaging characters brought right in your classroom and taking them through portals that traverse time and space, we're only just scratching the surface of what Augmented Reality truly has to offer

No matter the application, we can help. If you want to create a tool to assist your employees and increase their efficiency, produce a marketing application for your showroom or expo stand, build a mobile game that utilises the latest AR tech, or create something totally new - get in touch! We can provide all the expertise you need to get your idea from concept to (augmented) reality.

Our Tools

We use industry-standard tools to create interactive and optimised augmented reality experiences


Unity's support for mobile devices, Hololens and desktop PCs makes it the perfect engine for all kinds of AR experiences on all the available platforms


Thanks to InstaLOD's revolutionary toolkit, we can fine-tune our experiences to ensure they're as optimised and viually striking as possible

Perception Neuron

Our Perception Neuron Studio motion capture suit allows us to make incredibly immersive and engaging characters for your AR experiences

Cutting Edge AR Platforms

We use the most cutting-edge AR hardware and software platforms to bring all kinds of holographic experiences to life

Ready to get started?

We are. Get in touch and let's make something incredible.