VR Arcades & Venues

Bespoke solutions for Location-Based VR Entertainment

The LBVRE Industry is growing, and we want to help you be a part of it

The high cost of entry into VR has lead to the opening of numerous VR venues - many of which use the Cyber Cafe approach of renting time at a booth and getting to choose their games. However, beyond this is a breed of venue focusing on experiences you could never have at home - large-scale VR experiences with free-roaming players, backpack PCs and cutting edge tracking systems.

Our experience with VR venues through our previous work has allowed us to offer tailor-made VR experiences to our clients. We work with some of the biggest players in tracking systems, VR peripherals and software solutions to create bespoke "warehouse scale" shooters, escape rooms, mazes and story-driven experiences to amaze anyone who steps foot inside these virtual worlds.

Through our connections with our partners across the VR industry, we can recommend the best solutions for every aspect of your immersive experience. Perhaps you've already got a vendor in mind? Great! If we've worked with them before then perhaps we can use our partnership with them to get you the best possible deal, and if not we'll talk with them directly to make sure everything will fit together perfectly and that we can create the most incredible possible experience for your venue.

Affordable, accessible, high-quality VR in a standalone headset?

It's not a unicorn any more! 🦄 Check out our work as a NVIDIA CloudXR Early Access Partner

Gold-Standard Tracking for Immersive Experiences

We work closely with hardware and software providers to put together the right off-the-shelf tracking package that fits your requirements and budget

SteamVR Lighthouse Tracking

The ultimate in affordable VR tracking solutions, supporting arenas of up 100m2 in size out of the box with just 4 basestations, making lighthouse perfect for arenascale attractions.

HP Reverb G2

Powered by the Windows Mixed Reality platform, the Reverb's inside-out tracking system allows us to build largescale immersive solutions even with walls and ceilings in the way!

Our Secret Weapon?

We don't settle for "good enough". Our currently in-development Pharos tracking platform - built on on top of the Lighthouse tracking system - aims to make largescale tracking more accessible, more affordable and with no compromises

Immersive Input Systems and Peripherals

When the standard motion controls aren't enough, we work closely with a number of hardware partners to find the right solution for the job at hand


When you need the ultimate in simulated recoil and haptic feedback, StrikerVR is the go-to solution. With SKUs to fit the smallest venue to the biggest VR attraction, we'll work with Striker to put together a package that fits your needs perfectly

Leap Motion

Attached to the front of the HMD and with a wide field-of-view, Leap Motion can provide affordable five-finger hand tracking for a step up in immersive control.

Something else?

We're adaptable - if you have a specific technology you want to use or maybe something you've created yourself, let's talk!

Ready to get started?

We are. Get in touch and let's make something incredible.